The JP257SW D/Eb Trumpet is John Packer’s flagship D/Eb trumpet developed in collaboration with Dr Richard Smith of world renowned trumpet designers and manufacturers Smith-Watkins. John Packer Ltd and Dr Richard Smith have worked closely together to create a high performing D/Eb trumpet at an attractive price/performance point which includes some of the components usually reserved for more expensive instruments.


  • High grade 80:20 brass – For enhanced durability and resonance
  • Smith Watkins designed leadpipe – Professional feature for excellent resistance and easy articulation
  • One piece bell – Professional feature for extra resonance
  • Mobile 1st and 3rd valve slides – For accurate tuning
  • 3rd valve slide water key – To remove water effectively and avoid blockages
  • High tolerance monel valves and bell ring – For reliability and a ‘nice’ feel
  • High quality JP Pro double trumpet case with backpack straps and accessories pack

Dr Paul Edlin, a highly respected composer, lecturer, teacher and performer, recently reviewed this trumpet, giving it a glowing endorsement. He said:“This JP model holds its own, and in all respects. It possesses a bold and rich tone, which has a quality of darkness to it that is appealing. Its tone is consistent across its full range. It is capable of considerable power and this will make it a very useful instrument in orchestral settings. It will soar in Bartók and Stravinsky, and it will make Mahler and Strauss a lot easier! Yet it will also make light work of all those ‘principale’ parts from the Baroque era. Its strength and richness (that appealing darkness) of tone makes it blend in particularly well with its larger counterparts (C and Bb instruments) thus adding to its flexibility. 
“In summation, this is an instrument capable of considerable versatility, and it can be recommended without reservation. It will serve its owner extremely well, and in a large variety of settings. This instrument will be appropriate for students of all abilities as well as for professionals, and it comes at a remarkably reasonable price.”
Paul Max Edlin has a career that combines composing, lecturing and performing as well as artistic direction. As a composer, his works have been performed by many leading musicians and have been recorded for broadcast both in the UK and abroad. He is currently Director of Music at Queen Mary University of London. 
The JP257SW D/Eb Trumpet features a sophisticated Smith-Watkins  designed leadpipe enabling players to achieve a bolder sound. Created from high grade 80:20 brass, the JP257 also features mobile 1st & 3rd valve slides, 3rd valve slide water key and monel valves.

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